Set No Limits on Your Life


Working at Apeloa Shanghai R&D Center of Hengdian Group for less than two years has brought me more experience than what I have gained previously. The most useful advice I may conclude from my nearly two years of work experience is to “set no limits on your life”.

I graduated from Nankai University with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and obtained a doctor's degree in organic chemistry from the State Key Laboratory of Elemento-organic Chemistry (Nankai University). Later, I conducted researches in McGill University in Canada as a postdoctoral fellow. After that, I joined Apeloa Shanghai R&D Center in June 2019, mainly working on the process R&D related to contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO).

This is my first job, and Apeloa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has provided me with a broad platform for practice. Under the guidance of the company's development strategy to "develop fine raw materials, strong CDMO and high-quality manufacturing", I have gained a deep understanding of the industry needs and future trends, and applied my knowledge to CDMO projects to bring some tiny but promising changes to this industry.

After joining Apeloa Pharmaceutical, I am lucky to have witnessed the continuous development of Apeloa Shanghai R&D Center. The team I lead has been established for a short time but has grown rapidly to boast the capabilities of process development and production scale-up in less than a year. Meanwhile, the team has mastered the latest technologies in the fields such as flow chemistry and enzyme catalysis.

Our meticulosity, devotion and spirit of keep improving are reflected in the full process, from brainstorming, project evaluation, project execution, to production scale-up. I hope that our team continues to grow and support Apeloa Shanghai R&D Center to better contribute to Apeloa Pharmaceutical and Hengdian Group with excellent projects and products.