Start a New Journey in Medical Industry at Hengdian


This year marks my eleventh year in the medical device industry. I have witnessed a series of changes in the medical industry, from the initial development in the early years to the prosperity now.

Before joining Zhejiang Wedu Medical Co., Ltd., I had been engaged in international trade of medical devices for 4 years. Later, I happened to learn about Wedu, a medical device company owned by the Hengdian Group. It mainly deals with Class III medical device products with advanced technologies and high standards, which I was interested in. After that, I learned from a leader of Wedu that it is a high-tech company engaged in the R&D, production and sales of biodegradable biopolymer materials and Class III medical device products, which are just relevant to my major.

Thanks to the guidance of the leader, I joined Wedu in early 2014 when the company was developing its new product lines. Up to date, Wedu has gained a foothold in multiple industry segments. The rapid development of the company over the years precisely reflects Hengdian Group’s strategic insights and confidence in long-term investment in the medical industry. I enjoy taking on challenges in my work and Wedu has provided me with opportunities to hone my skills in many ways. At first, I was responsible for planning product line and conducting market research, which were followed by product development, and then marketing and sales. Experience in overall operation management has enabled me to rapidly improve my skills in various areas.

In 2019, I started to lead the planning and construction of the company's medical cosmetology line. From the first product, facial threading, to hydrogel products and functional skincare products for dermatology and plastic surgery, I successfully managed to launch several products, helping Wedu win the market shares in several segments of the medical cosmetology.

Wedu has developed rapidly in the golden age of the medical industry. By 2021, the company has more than 200 employees, and the sales volume has grown from over RMB 3 million in its first year to over RMB 100 million now. I have witnessed the development of the company and enhanced my personal skills, and will continue to explore new possibilities and start new journeys as the medical cosmetology industry evolves.