The “Magnetic Capital of the World“ Demonstrated its Power of Innovation as a New Project Broke the Monopoly by Foreign Technology

Source: Media Development Center
Author: Fang Liqian
Date: 2020-05-29

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As part of the national project to build a stronger industrial foundation, Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co., Ltd. undertook the development of soft ferrite for wireless charging of smart wearables. The project passed the inspection by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on June 17.

Building a strong industrial foundation is one of the five major projects of “Made in China 2025.” The project focuses on development of key basic materials, core basic spare parts and components, advanced fundamental techniques, and basic industrial technologies, and aims to break through the bottlenecks that restrain innovation, development and quality enhancement of China’s manufacturing industries. 

After approval by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, DMEGC Magnetics set up a special committee to execute all areas of development according to the approved project proposal. The success of the project will break the technological domination by American and Japanese manufacturers. 

At the inspection, the MIIT team of experts received reports from the project managers, and proceeded to observe the manufacturing process in the production facilities.  The team agreed that all parts of the project met the requirements of the project execution proposal and agreed that the project passed inspection.