Embarking on the Path to Internationalized Education, Hengdian College of Film & Television Started Enrollment to its Sino-Korean Program

Source: Media Development Center
Author: Tao Jinshui
Date: 2021-03-15

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Zhejiang Hengdian College of Film & Television and Woosong College in South Korea recently began enrollment to the joint program on Image Design for the year 2021, marking an important step Hengdian Group is taking on the path to internationalization of their education endeavors.

For many years, Hengdian College of Film & Television has explored new teaching models. At present, among the 24 curricular offerings, 8 are certified as achieving provincial level strength and provincial characteristics. To continue to improve its academic rigor, establish a private college brand, and nurture advanced compound talents that have internationalized perspective and knowledge, the College explored cooperation opportunities with reputable universities in other countries.

Image design is the foremost specialization in Hengdian College of Film & Television, as well as a characteristic profession of Zhejiang’s “13th Five Year Plan”. Among all the vocational colleges in the province, Hengdian College of Film & Television is the only one offering a film and television makeup based specialization.  Based near Hengdian movie studios, the College organizes students to visit film crews at work and gain firsthand experience at costume and image design. Through an integrated model of “teaching, learning, practicing,”  the College elevates students’ practical ability. In 2017, students in the specialization earned a first class award and a second class award in the Zhejiang Arts Festival for University Students and first prize in Zhejiang Vocational Skill Competition. In 2018, our students won a silver award and two bronze awards in the Beijing Film and Television Makeup Competition. And in 2020, our students won a first class award, two second class awards, and a third class award in Zhejiang Arts Festival for University Students.  And our outstanding graduates worked as the main makeup artists and stylists in crews of Wolf Warrior, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, Nirvana in Fire 2.

“Our College has a long history of cooperation with Woosong College, engaging in instructor and student exchange every year. We find Woosong’s management philosophy sophisticated and their professorial instruction of a high caliber. Their management team excels in execution, and the University has always been quick to resolve any issues we raised. For this reason, when we were seeking an international partner, Woosong was our first choice,” a spokesperson of Hengdian College of Film & Television stated.
Woosong College was founded in 1954. Situated in Daejeon, South Korea’s Silicon Valley, it is the biggest and the most influential comprehensive university in central South Korea.  It repeatedly received accolades from Korea’s Ministry of Education for  “Excellency in Educational Reform”. “Excellence in Industrial Education”, and as an “Excellent IT Education provider abroad”.  The University has a high degree of internationalized education and provides a society-oriented international training ground for students. It is the only Korean university to receive TAFE SA certification from Australia. And they are especially renowned for the professional standard in image design.

The Sino-Korean joint program on image design, launched by the two institutions, has received approval from Zhejiang Department of Education and has been registered at the Ministry of Education and included in the national college admission.  The joint program will cultivate film and TV costume and image designers, stylists, fashion designers, and related advanced technical talents. The enrollment capacity will be 50 this year, and about 30 are part of Hengdian College of Film & Television’s early admission, which began on March 8.

The Sino-Korean program is a three-year course.  The first and second years will be undertaken in Hengdian College of Film & Television.  Hengdian College will bring in the educational philosophy, course structure, curriculum, teaching model and management experience of the Woosong College’s image design program. The program will be jointly taught by Woosong professors, who will bring along their rich practical experience, and a team of Chinese instructors with high skills in their professions.  In the third year, students will continue their education in Woosong College and learn the most advanced and up-to-date knowledge pertaining to film and television costume and image and trendy image design.  Students can earn professional qualifications in Korea as makeup artists, hair style designers, manicurists, skin care managers,and image designers.  After graduation, students will receive certifications of specialization from Hengdian College of Film & Television as well as associate degrees from Woosong College.  They are also eligible to apply to master’s programs in the relevant speciality in Woosong University directly.