Innovation is a Common Goal - BASF Representatives’ Field Trip to Hengdian

Source: Media Development Center
Author: Zeng Chuanfei
Date: 2020-09-30

On November 28, Dr. Markus Kamieth, a member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF, and his team came to Hengdian.  Xu Yong'an, Chairman and President of Hengdian Group, received the team and chaired an information forum.  Also in attendance were Li Bao Ping and Ren Lirong, senior members of the Group’s leadership team.

BASF is a dominant player in the German chemicals industry.  The company has a history of 150 years and engages in a wide range of areas, including chemicals, materials, industrial solutions, surface solutions, nutrition and personal care, and agricultural solutions.  BASF, a global 500 company, is a global leader in chemicals.  Since 2016, Hengdian Group and BASF have worked together on various fronts.  In 2019, the two companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement to reinforce cooperation in relevant areas.

While in Hengdian, the BASF team visited DMEGC Magnetics Co., Ltd., TOSPO Lighting Co., Ltd., Apeloa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Xinna Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd.. The team was impressed by the modernized production facilities and research and development laboratories of the Group.

At the forum, Xu Yong’an introduced the background of Hengdian Group, explaining that despite its location in a small town in Zhejiang, Hengdian Group actively connects with the world, and is guided by a globalized operation and management philosophy. The Group has businesses in Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacifics. It is a truly globalized corporation that exhibits innovative force and experiences rapid growth. In addition to its breadth of industry,  Hengdian Group is also a social enterprise that brings forth regional development through industrial growth.  Their work has transformed Hengdian from its rural origin to its present status as a city of energy that pulls people to the area.  And this is the time when an “important window” to Zhejiang is needed, and as Hengdian Airport, the Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-Speed Railway and the inter-city rails come into operation, the development of Hengdian will continue to improve. It is our sincere hope that deeper cooperation with BASF SE will bring forth increased mutual benefits.

Dr. Kamieth pointed out that he did not know about Hengdian before the China visit, and he came with curiosity.  After the trip, he was deeply impressed by the quality of management and the range of our business activities.  Hengdian Group is a diversified enterprise, and its subsidiaries have their individual characteristics. They demonstrated strength in production as well as emphasis in innovation.  Despite different concentrations of interest, BASF and Hengdian Group are both seeking innovation and he hoped to learn more about Hengdian Group and seek opportunities for further cooperation in order to collaborate more closely for future growth.