Hengdian Group Named One of “100 Most Influential China Brands” in China Brand Development Summit 2020

Source: Media Development Center
Author: Chen Yajun
Date: 2020-06-19

The 2020 China Brand Development Summit took place in Hengdian on August 28.  The summit’s theme was “China Brands operating in a post-COVID era.” Attending the event were Liu Zhongli, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of 10th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs, former Minister of Finance, and former Commissioner of State Taxation Administration; Gao Qiang, Chairman of the Budgetary Affairs Commission of the National People’s Congress and former Minister of Health; He Keng, Vice-Chairman of the 12th Central Committee of Jiusan Society and Vice-Chairman of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the 11th National People’s Congress; Ma Wenpu, Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the 11th National People’s Congress, former Vice-Minister of the International Department, Central Committee of Communist Party of China; Zheng Xinli, former Deputy Director of Policy Research Office of the Central Committee of CPC, Vice-Chairman of China Center for International Economic Exchanges; Wu YingPing, Chairman of China National Health Association; Chen Long, Jinhua Municipal Party Secretary; Fu Xianming and Guo Jinming, leaders in Dongyang; Xu Kening, Jinhua Municipal Party Secretary; Xu Wenrong, founder of Hengdian Group and founding Chairman of Hengdian 4-Mutual Committee; Lu Yuelong, Party Secretary and Vice-President of Hengdian Group. 

In his speech, Chen Long pointed out that, since 2017, China Brand Development Summit has been implementing the central government’s strategy regarding brand development by tightly linking branding development with quality service, establishing a brand building think tank and by providing a platform to showcase and exchange ideas. Under the current circumstances, this summit undertook “China Brands operating in a post-COVID era” as its theme, a necessary and urgent perspective. It will promote the new development framework of focusing on internal circulation as the base, supported by domestic-international dual circulation.

Chen Long continued to say that a brand is a mark of recognition, as well as a show of competitiveness.  Jinhua has many well known traditional brands as well as many new brands of the modern era.  With the construction of an “important window” as the new goal, Jinhua will forge a “golden (Jin)” brand out of the valuable assets of Hengdian film, TV and culture businesses. Hengdian has 10 highly recognizable Jinhua brands that can lead and demonstrate the “Jin” headed brand. When entrepreneurs come to invest in Jinhua, they will have a sense of homecoming, be able to attain long-term development, and bring more glamour and success to their brands.

Since its inception, Hengdian Group has always been rooted in Hengdian, insisting on its core value of mutual growth, mutual wealth.  Following this direction, in the process of reform and opening-up, Hengdian Group not only brought growth in taxation and employment, but also brought about the growth of regional industries, changes in the cityscape and improvements in the lives of the people. And in the making and growth of local brands, Hengdian Group created a unique model of value contribution. At the meeting, Xu Wenrong stated in his speech that the brand is the soul of a corporation, and he expressed his hope that every entrepreneur will work towards the creation of the China Brand.

At the summit, the list of the top 100 most influential brands in China was announced and Hengdian Group was honoured to be one of them.  Hengdian Wenrong Hospital was also selected as a “Top 10 People’s Brand 2020.”  The rankings were made by BrandChina, a professional assessment group, together with the China Brand Research Center of Capital University of Economics and Business and an expert committee on China Brand persons of the year.

A report on “China Brands operating in a post-COVID era” and a roundtable discussion were also part of the event.  At the same time, awards were given to the China Brand persons of the year.