Fully Embracing Smart Manufacturing - Apeloa Pharmaceutical and SUPCON Formed a Strategic Alliance

Source: Media Development Center
Author: Nie Wenbin
Date: 2021-07-22

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On July 12, Zhejiang SUPCON Technology of the SUPCON Group and Apeloa Pharmaceutical of the Hengdian Group signed a strategic partnership agreement in Hangzhou. The signing ceremony was attended by Chu Jian, founder of SUPCON Group, Xu Yong’an, Chairman and President of Hengdian Group, and Xu Wencai, Director and Senior Vice President of Hengdian Group.

Chu Jian stated that Hengdian Group is a great enterprise with vision. SUPCON strives to know different industries in its effort to open up a pathway to low carbon development. It develops comprehensive 5T technology to help manufacturing industries increase competitiveness by building an ecosystem that is “lower in cost, higher in profit margin, and better in safety.” He hoped to have opportunities to cooperate with Hengdian Group in areas beyond pharmaceutical and healthcare.

Xu Yong’an praised the Chu’s startup team for its success in paving a way for intellectuals in China to contribute to the country in the industries. It is an endeavor worthy of reverence and respect. Hengdian Group had an earlier start and it remains rooted in Hengdian. Building on a foundation of industry, its success is further driven by a thriving film and entertainment business, and the Group achieves asset-based wealth creation and propels regional development, building a better home for the people. Both enterprises share the same corporate DNA of innovation and creativeness. He hoped that the two could engage in a wider and deeper exchange on aspects of strategy, technology and business operations, build a framework for communication and liaison, and seek further opportunities and areas of cooperation. He hoped to use the Apeloa partnership as a model for further cooperation and collaboration in other areas of business.

Leaders of both companies looked back on their history of fruitful and trusting cooperation and looked forward to the new strategic partnership, and signed an agreement to affirm the alliance.  An integrated strategic working relationship would be formed in the areas of strategic sourcing, innovative application and capital cooperation, which would launch Apeloa fully on to the new era of “intelligent” manufacturing.

On the day of the signing, representatives of Hengdian Group also visited SUPCON Technology Experience Center and learned about SUPCON Technology’s process automation control systems and the development history of its technology.